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national insurance

Date: 20th April 2017 | Post by: HaesCooper | Category: Personal Tax Updates & Information
If you have more than one paid job you could be paying too much NI. In theory HMRC should check and repay what's due to you, but often that doesn't happen. How can you get your money back and stop overpayments in the future? NI – the hidden tax It's easy to think about NI contributions as a minor cost, but nothing could be...
Date: 20th April 2017 | Post by: HaesCooper | Category: Company Tax Updates & Information
The new employment allowance (EA) could cut your NI bill by £2,000. HMRC recently published its guide on how and when you can claim it. What's the full story? Last year we told you about the EA which employers can set against their NI bills starting from 6. There's now more information on the terms and conditions and, most...