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Record Keeping Time Limits

Date: 20th April 2017 | Post by: HaesCooper | Category: Resources

The length of time that business and tax related records should be kept depends upon which legislation they relate to. A brief simplified summary follows:


Time Limits

Company Statutory RegistersIndefinitely
Company Board and General Meeting MinutesAt least 10 years
Employer’s Liability Insurance Certificates40 Years
Details of Past Shareholders20 Years
Sealed Contracts12 Years
Corporation Tax Records6 Years
Value Added Tax Records6 Years
Income Tax Records6 Years
Contract Law, generally6 Years
Public Company Accounting Records6 Years
Private Company Accounting Records3 Years
Pay As You Earn Records3 Years
Sub-contractor Tax Certificates3 Years
Wages Tax Credits3 Years
National Minimum Wage Records3 Years
Student Loan Repayment Records (through Payroll)3 Years

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