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HMRC Forms

Date: 20th April 2017 | Post by: HaesCooper | Category: Resources

HMRC have many forms, however please find below the forms most commonly used. Please contact us if you need help completing a form or are unsure which one you need.


Self Assessment Forms

64-8 Authorising your agent – use this form to authorise HMRC to communicate with your agent about your tax affairs


SA-1 Registering for Self Assessment – Use the online form to register for Self Assessment if you are a company director, have property income, taxable foreign income, income from a trust, income over £100k, other untaxed income not collected through PAYE or have income over £50k and are receiving child benefit.


If you have issues online please download and use this form


CWF1 Registering for Self Assessment – use the online form to register for Self Assessment and National Insuance Contributions if you are a self-employed sole trader.


If you have issues online please download and use this form


SA400 Registering a partnership – Use this form if you need to register a new partnership for Self Assessment.


SA401 Registering a partner for Self Assessment and National Insurance Contributions- Use this form if you are an individual and need to register as a partner for Self Assessment and Class 2 NICs



National Insurance

CF10 Application for Class 2 small earnings exemption – Use this form to apply for a certificate of exemption for Class 2 NICs



VAT forms

VAT1 Registering for VAT – use this form to register your business for VAT if it has exceeded the turnover threshold.


VAT7 Application to cancel your VAT registration – you may need to use this form to cancel your registration if your business has closed or turnover has dropped below the threshold.


Contact us if you need advice on any VAT matter.